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TDZ Games invites you to explore the newest kind of out of home entertainment.
We have combined virtual reality with real world elements to create hyper-immersive attractions.

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TDZ Games offers you the possibility to enrich your space with a new kind of attraction. We have created our attractions based upon a wide out of home market research along with mixed and virtual reality. That allows us to develop solutions that can guarantee fun for all ages.



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In Apoema VR, the guest embarks in a journey looking for the legends of Brazilian’s folklore. This attraction is an opportunity to engage and entertain your guests, while they explore Brazilian’s culture in a way never seen before. Send us a message so we can show you how Apoema VR can expand your business.

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Eliosi's Hunt is a sci-fi top-down shooter and platformer inspired by Crash Bandicoot and Metal Slug. We wanted to capture the essence of older action games we love and present it with a modern approach, creating a unique universe, challenging gameplay and beautifully crafted graphics. Eliosi's Hunt is currently in beta with a release date set for 2017 on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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In Mars Race, the guest assumes the role of an astronaut that must represent our dearest earth in an intergalactic race on Mars. With cartoon graphics that resembles the famous Mario Kart, this virtual reality racing attraction promises to deliver a lot of adrenaline and fun.

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Our attractions are made for theme parks, indoor entertainment centers, fairs, live events, zoos, museums and other places whose main goal is to entertain their guests.


Do you desire to transform your space and always have an available mixed reality attraction? This option is for you! Our attractions are created using cutting-edge virtual reality equipment and several real objects to create the mixed reality. The virtual reality equipment can be reused in other mixed reality attractions, changing only the real objects. With this option, besides acquiring a mixed reality attraction, you have the possibility of always having our new attractions with a small cost. Send us a message so we can show you how this option can enrich your business


Do you want to have a mixed reality attraction for a limited time in your space? This option is for you! We offer all the necessary equipment for you to make our attractions available for your guests. Send us a message telling a little more about your business so we can present the ideal solution for you.


Would you like to have a tailor made mixed reality attraction? This option is for you! We can create an attraction aiming at your brand, your space, your audience, your IP, exactly the way you want. With this unique attraction, you will be able to present your business or production using top-notch technology and with a lot of fun, increasing your costumers’ engagement. Send us a message so we can show you how a mixed reality attraction can help you promote and boost your business.


Do you like new experiences and want to visit cutting-edge mixed reality attractions? This option is for you! Send us a message so we can show you the nearest place with our attractions.

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